Aerate & Overseed

After a warm and dry Summer, your lawn may benefit from aeration and overseeding, and Fall is the best time to consider it. Over the Summer grass clippings, dead roots, and other materials build up in your lawn and create thatch. Thatch becomes like a sponge at the top layer of the soil and absorbes all of the nutrients and water before they reach the roots of the grass.  Aeration works by removing small round plugs from the top layer of soil. This breaks apart the thatch and creates space for oxygen, fertilizers, and other important nutrients to make their way to the roots of the turf. Overall, the aeration process will make your turf healthier and more prepared for the Winter ahead. 

Along with aearation, we provide an overseeding option. After aeration is the best time to plant new grass seed. With the cooler temperatures of Fall coming and the layer of thatch freshly broken, new grass seed will grow very well. We will come inspect your lawn and pick a matching grass seed type so the new growth will blend in seamlessly and prepare your lawn for the long Winter ahead.

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